Finding just the right office space can be a time-consuming and stressful time for many companies. Managers and employees are concerned about many situations:

  • Wh​at's my​ commute time going to be?
  • Is it easy to find parking?
  • Does the space convey the "right" image" to our employees, customers & vendors?
  • Who will move us?
  • Must we buy a new telephone system?
  • Will it cost more to move the furniture or just buy new?

Choosing the right commercial real estate broker in Winston-Salem can ease that anxiety. Having an office broker who has been through the process many times, over many years is reassuring to the business owner and the office manager in charge of the office move. A seasoned office broker not only knows all the available office space in Winston-Salem, but also knows the current lease rates, how much a landlord is willing to spend on tenant improvements and when "not previously available" office space will be coming on the market.

For most business owners or managers, negotiating an office lease only happens a few times in their careers. Changes in the commercial real estate market happen every year so it is imperative to be aware of today's nuances relating to market conditions, legalities and even social change. An experienced office leasing broker will be invaluable, even if you only use one every three to five years.

Your local office broker keeps the real estate process moving. You keep your business moving.

From driving all over Forsyth County looking at office space to confirming that your Certificate of Occupancy has been approved, your commercial real estate broker handles each step in the office move. Having an experienced office broker allows you to rest assured that these variables are under control and you can keep your business focused on its goals without taking your eye off the ball during this transition period.

  • Are you ready to explore your options?
  • Are you ready to meet a local real estate expert?
  • Do you have more important tasks to monitor than an office space build-out?
  • Do you know the available office space in every building in Winston?

When its time to discuss the next phase of your business's growth, call Christopher Commercial. We're here to help.